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Symbols for Life™ Flash Drive and Website

Maximum Value Programming created the Symbols for Life flash drive and website for Open Future in 2011. The flash drive includes 2,500 original photographs and symbols that can be used to help clarify information in various documents, particularly for those with developmental disabilities, the population that the company principally serves. Users are able to search through the entire catalog using keywords, or they can use the menu system to find various images as organized in a variety of categories. All images contained within the program are encrypted to ensure that the files aren't distributed outside the app to those that have not purchased the rights to them. The flash drive also includes a variety of materials on how to use the images available through the program to help clarify information in a variety of media. MVP then went on to design and develop a new website to explain what the Symbols for Life program is and how the image library can help particularly those serving the developmentally disabled with communicating important information to that population.

Technical Features:

  • XML-driven data structure
  • Image File Encryption and Decryption

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