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LivaNova Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LivaNova is the maker of the XTRA ATS, the most advanced autotransfusion system for intraoperative blood recovery and preoperative blood sequestration in the world. They typically rely on in-person training to teach new customers how to use the XTRA machine, but wanted to find a way to reduce these costs while standardizing training, providing for remote access, and developing a comprehensive and engaging program that effectively taught everything clinicians need to know to use the machine to its fullest potential. They came to MVP with confidence upon reviewing its long history of designing and developing innovative and original eLearning platforms that offer a compelling and rewarding learning experience.

MVP refined the client-provided scripts and began planning the sequence of the initial whiteboard animation that begins the course content. The animated introductory video shows how the XTRA ATS works within the context of a full circuit of blood flow from and back to the patient, with a particular focus on the centrifuge’s action to separate blood into constituent components through spinning in a specially designed bowl. Before shooting the video, the script was mapped out alongside shot lists for each video clip, plus accompanying side texts that would highlight in synchronization with the spoken narration to reinforce key points about the machine parts and processes involved. MVP cast the voice-over talent, and recorded both the audio and video in its own studios.

The course is divided into four modules which are in turn divided into varying sections. The video progresses automatically from clip to clip within each section, pausing to indicate to the user when advancing to a new section to indicate the topical change. After finishing all the videos, users take a 15-question multiple choice test generated from a random selection of a pool of over 30 possible questions. If they fail to achieve a passing score, they are given feedback on all wrong answers indicating which section of course content they need to understand to answer correctly; clicking the feedback automatically sends the user to that section. When they retake the test, they are presented with a new series of questions randomly chosen from the pool.

The dashboard includes a progress tracker based upon the image of the XTRA bowl, which animates and fills to indicate the percentage of the course content completed. Clicking the resume button underneath sends users directly to where they left off for easy resumption of the course between sessions. A Quick Start video is available to allow users to review the simplest way to set up and operate the XTRA ATS without any additional detail on functionality, so that users can work with the machine as fast as possible. A View All Videos section allows users to find specific video clips by choosing from a hierarchical menu segmented by module, section, and individual video clip titles indicating the specific topic.

An administrative area allows LivaNova to create unique registration codes that are needed to access the eLearning platform. Administrators can set their own codes, or create computer-generated codes at random. An expiration date can be set for each code, and each can be designated single use only to give LivaNova even further control of access to the platform. The administrative area also allows for adding users, editing user information, setting users up as administrators, and viewing global metrics reporting on all answers to each question, which can be filtered by time period, job title, and surgical specialty.

The LivaNova XTRA ATS eLearning website has been enthusiastically received. While initially intended for exclusive use in the United States, the company quickly expanded its use for the entire global market upon recognition of the value that the deeply engaging, interactive multimedia training platform has to LivaNova and its customers.

Technical Features:

  • Dual-server platform for security supported by IIS 10 web server
  • Non-internet-facing ultra-secure database storage using MySQL 5.1.45 64-bit with Centos 5 OS
  • Video content presentation and data processing using ColdFusion 2016 64-bit
  • UI supported by custom programming in JavaScript and JQuery
  • Platform compatible with multiple browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and more

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